28th October 2017

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BRISBANE QLD – MAY 21 – 25, 2018

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Can Of Change

Be a part of positive change and put one of our “Can of Change” tins in your business. You too can help us #serveourcity

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Food Drive

Be a part of the solution by taking part in a food drive to help us feed families right across Brisbane.
Long Life Milk
Pasta Sauce
Canned foods
Food drive displays can be set up in Schools or Business

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What an incredible day it was. 4 schools and hundreds of people coming together to bring transformation and in turn, inspiration to young peoples day to day lives.

Our Kind Of Love…


Everyone needs a little love and iSEE CARE believes in a love that is unconditional, puts others needs before our own and one that is practical and loud – we call it ‘LOVE OUT LOUD’!


iSEE CARE recognises a global responsibility to serve the younger generation, to help families in need and to support the school communities raising our world’s future movers & shakers. iSEE CARE has learnt over the years that when times are tough or even just when life is busy, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find help – so that’s why we specialise in coming straight to the point of need.
iSEE CARE demonstrates practical love or what we like to call ‘LOVE OUT LOUD’ to the school communities throughout the City of Brisbane and the wider state of Queensland. We do this in three simple ways – the CARE Hamper Program, the LOVE OUT LOUD School Blitz and the iDECIDE Schools Tour.
iSEE CARE is committed to the City of Brisbane! We desire to be serving 10 high schools and 10 primary schools in  the North, South, East, West and the City regions of Brisbane on a regular basis with a team of local people mobilised to serve their local community.

CARE Hamper Program


Getting the basics right – helping families feed their growing families when times are challenging.

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LOVE OUT LOUD on our local schools by donating time, resources and hard yakka!

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iDECIDE Schools Tour


Visiting local schools and speaking life to students as they DECIDE to explore their full potential and be all they can be!

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What do you see?

At iSEE CARE, while we are well aware of the pressing issues around us, we choose to see things a little differently…

We see that poverty and child hunger is on the decline.
We see that the rate of teenage bullying is dropping.
We see that depression & teenage suicide is ending.
We see schools as a clean and safe place for young people.
We see increased self-esteem and resilience in young people.
We see empowered mums and dads raising strong families.
We see the school community empowered and full of hope.

Our Team

Who cares? We do! iSEE CARE is a team of dedicated people of all ages that are passionate about serving their local community in the City of Brisbane.

Paul Geerling

Paul Geerling

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

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Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Community Programs Coordinator

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iSEE CARE in the media

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What our schools say about us

Dear iSee Care, Thank you so much for coming into my school. It was so inspirational and I left school today feeling so much better then when I walked into school. I have been bullied my whole school life and it’s taken me to the point of wanting to give up on life and life’s roller coaster but what you said in school has made me change my mind. In my past I’ve been sexually abused and the pain has been excruciating and I thought I would never get over it. My suicidal thoughts were taking over and I was ready to give up this week but I haven’t because you said if you could make it then so can I. I can’t thank you enough. I’m not giving up on life I’m going to just keep breathing. You have inspired me so much and I will hold onto those words. Thank you!

School Student

Thank you iSee Care

I can only express my gratitude to iSee Care for thier very brief time at our school, the presentation to the whole school was inspirational and entertaining. As an ‘Inspirational Speaker’ or ‘Motivational Presenter’ he was fantastic – either way you had had a direct impact on my students. Your brief but charismatic presentation was both effectual and influential to the students of William Ross, they did listen and they did act.

Your message was perfectly aligned to our Positive Education Policy, changing the mindset and beliefs, your “10-for-10” was direct and targeted to student behaviour, weeks later students were still providing Positive Acts of kindness to others.

I will look forward to 2016 when we meet again – you will be welcome.


Allan Evans

Principal, William Ross State High School

I never got to thank you for yesterday at Staines Memorial College. For once I felt noticed and recognised for what I really felt. Last year I tried to commit suicide and everyday I struggle to get out of bed, I force a smile on my face and walk out the door. No ones ever seen how I really felt, and the struggles I was holding in. The words you spoke to me while consoling me I’ll never forget, and I will cherish forever. Words can’t describe how thankful I am to you, if it wasn’t for what you did I would’ve went home that night and tried to take my life. All that day up to that point that’s all I was thinking about.

School Student

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